About Viral Blog

About Viral Blog
Viral Blog is rebels that share stories with a bite, not just news. We cover Marketing,  Technology latest news, Entertainment and Nature that change the rules in the marketplace.

Why, Purpose & Belief?
The basics of human beings is cooperation and democracy, and we believe that technology is enabling us to do more good. Want to join us on our mission? Get our  Latest Update.

Editorial Team
Viral Blog editorial team, mashed-up with guest bloggers, is passionate and ambitious. So proud to tell you that our team is best in global marketing and media blogs. Our editors love disruptive powers that are changing the rules in the marketplace. We share insights and our opinions: our subjective beliefs that are a result of our knowledge, experience, emotions and our interpretations of facts.

Audience, Engagement & Social CRM
Reaching and engaging unique readers in every day, Viral Blog is designed to inspire the global marketing community, putting them in control.

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Write For Viral Blog?
Yes we are looking for established (guest) bloggers that have a track record in writing detailed marketing stories at C-level. The best Content submitted guest stories will get exposed on our homepage.

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