How Does UX & UI Design Benefit You?

Various experts have claimed that in the world automation and AI, UX & UI Design might be one of the few jobs that would remain available to humans in business. That’s because machine and deep learning have still not been able to replicate the creative process.

Solving User and Business Problems

As a User Experience or Interface Designer, you are guaranteed never to feel bored by your job. Jason Ogle, founder, and host of the User Defenders podcast defines UX design as the process of solving human and business problems through empathy, removing obstacles and hindrances from user goals and eventually achieving customer delight.

In a similar vein, acclaimed author and Usability Consultant, Steve Krug, describes UX as an area covering UX Research and UX Design. Respectively, this encompasses how the user perceives working with a product, system or service and enhancing how useful, easy, pleasant, marketable or addictive the whole sequence is.

For example, mobile apps such as Uber and Lyft were developed to make it easier for people to travel safely and conveniently. Travelers often found themselves stranded in areas without cabs. However, a simple networked program was able to let those who have cabs in the area know that they were needed. A negotiation was initiated and quickly given effect to.

Visual Aesthetics of applications

User Interface designers, on the other hand, are responsible for the graphical layout of an application. Buttons, text, images, sliders, text input bars, animation and everything else that the user uses to interact with the system, come under UI design. Any form of visual transition, element or responsive framework is part of UI. Developers are graphic artists who create the color, themes, and personality of the interactive platform.

UI Designers are trained in visual aesthetics following scientifically proven principles of design such as color, space, form, balance, and contrast. With appropriately written content, key messages enabling navigation, access to the right information, product or service becomes much faster and easier.

Adding Value to People’s lives

The goal of any app is to provide the functionality to the user. It should be able to meet user objectives in the simplest most efficient manner possible. The more convenient and seamless the user experience is, the more useful your platform and the more it adds value to a user’s life.

UX Design has the potential to reduce Development Costs

A good UX optimized mobile app goes through several stages of development before it is given over to the consumer. For example, one of the stages of UX design is ‘Prototyping’.  Here, a user is given access to a prototype of the end product. This is an incomplete app that is meant simply to check the usability and technical feasibility of the app.

This process helps you to make more accurate estimations as to the cost of additional resources that may be required. It gives you time to consider which features you can remove. Lastly, it provides accurate feedback on the layout, content, and placement of buttons.

Greater interaction between App Developer and Users

By increasing the scope of engagement between the developer and the user, the former is able to gain greater and more accurate insights into the usability of his digital platforms. This may be achieved by User feedback or data collected automatically from app usage. This leads to more useful apps in their future versions and enhances value, attainment of user objectives and convenience.

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