How much does a professional proofreading service charge? 

Every written work needs to be proofread if it is intended for a wider audience. Whether it is your manuscript that you want to publish or a research document or an article, every work needs to be proofread in order to ensure that it is error-free. There is no dearth of proofreading services available. Professional proofreading services catering to all kinds of budgets are available all over the internet, so there is no obvious reason why anyone shouldn’t use them.

Price varies with quality

Now, it is no secret that a quality service comes at a cost. You cannot expect to pay peanuts for something that requires a lot of time and effort. If you are looking for an impeccable work on your document, you would have to shell out some money to achieve your goal. That being said, it is not necessary to burn your bank in order to get your document proofread. In fact, professional proofreading services are quite affordable. Of course, quality comes at a cost, but that does not mean that we need to spend a bomb on it.

How quickly you want the job done?

Proofreaders charge more if you need the job done quickly, because that would mean that they would have to let go of certain assignments, and focus completely on your task so that they can finish it faster. If you ask a proofreader to proofread a document that requires 24 hours in just 4 hours, then obviously he is going to charge a tad bit more for the task. After all you pay for someone’s time and services.

Difference in pricing

Some proofreading services follow the per word model. They charge you on the basis of number of words that need to be proofread, while some follow the per hour model. If the proofreader has committed that he would complete your work in say 4 hours, then there is a chance that he would be charging you per hour basis. Generally the prices vary from $10 to $ 45 per hour, depending upon the intensity of work.

Don’t go for proofreaders that are too cheap. Of course, you will find many proofreaders who charge only 5 dollars to proofread a 1000 word document, but let’s get real, do you think they would do a good job at it? There is no guarantee that this proofreader would do a decent job, and the worst part is that you wouldn’t even get a refund. So you will end up shelling out more money because then you would require the services of another proofreader to rectify the mistakes the initial one would have made.

Usually proofreading a 1000 word academic text where the turn-around time is 24 hours, costs around $30-$40. If you want a speedy return, you will have to pay anything between $55 and $70. If a project can be done in 15 days, you will be charged $20, but if you need the same project in five, you would be charged $40. This would all wary depending on the kind of work and your experience.

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