Corporate Health Check Program: Importance and Benefits

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As we all know physical health is the core foundation to achieve the first and the foremost happiness in life. Good physical health tends to a healthy body which is transformable with a creative and stress-free mind. The same fundamentals remain fit in every corporate employee’s professional life too. Many large or mid-scale organizations run corporate health check program for their employees which is an effort toward creating a healthy workplace culture. Corporate health check program constitutes a range of health tests that are conducted as a preventive measure and encourage a healthy lifestyle amongst the employees. Healthy employees are the true assets of any organization who can contribute toward long term business goals.

How Corporate Health Check Increases Workplace Productivity

Generally, corporate employees have a hectic work schedule that doesn’t allow them to go for a regular health checkup as it would hamper the productivity at the workplace. Corporate health check program is organised within the office campus so every employee feels comfortable and easily gets aware of health risk issues and hence they can take preventive measures.

Employees gain knowledge in terms of a healthy lifestyle and also get health advises from corporate wellness experts. For example, an advise connecting to a smoking cessation program for getting out of this unhealthy habit

It encourages healthy habits amongst employees which in turn reduces absenteeism and presenteeism. hence boosts their productivity at the workplace. This is the direct benefit to the businesses.

Since the employees are likely to take health actions after going through the health check program, It eventually reduces the healthcare cost of the employees as well as the employer.

Preventive Health check at regular time durations is critical because some times, the human body doesn’t show any symptom of life-threatening diseases like a heart attack, cancer or stroke. This makes organizations sensibly run a corporate health check program for their employees so a culture of wellbeing at work is established.

Which Health Checks are Offered

Below mentioned is the list of health tests that organizations offer in their corporate wellness program:

  • Lipid test
  • Liver function test
  • Hematology
  • Diabetes test
  • Kidney function test
  • Thyroid test
  • BMI
  • Blood pressure and pulse test
  • Vision test
  • Hearing test
  • Cholesterol test
  • Heart profile test
  • Other lab tests

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are eight health parameters which every health check program must cover that organizations offer to their employees – blood pressure, smoking profile, alcohol profile, BMI, diet, physical activity, blood sugar and high cholesterol profile.

Regular audit of blood pressure and cholesterol will make employees aware of their heart functioning and they can take necessary steps to control the risks of being caught in heart attack by following healthy habits suggested by the corporate health experts. Similarly, by obesity test, employees can come to know if they are overweight or not and thus they can take advise from experts to control their weight for keeping the upcoming life risk-free.

Corporate health check programs are useful for both employees and employers. At one side, it helps employees by giving them health reports so they can take the preventive measures. The employers can have greater benefits from corporate health check program such as improved productivity, reduced retention, lower healthcare cost, strong relationship between employee and employer.

Before organizing a corporate health check program for the employees, the employer must have an objective set like finding out the most concerning health issue amongst the employees. This will make the upcoming wellness program that the company offers to carry the appropriate measures.

How to Assess the Employee Health Check Program

  • After completion of the corporate health check program, Company HR must evaluate the efficiency of the program conducted by the team of experts. This will make him aware of the corrections in the arrangement needed further.
  • Review in terms of how many employees participated in the program. It will give an idea on the number of people interested in the health check.
  • Seek feedback from the employees who went through the health check.

Now after coming to know about the high health risk issues amongst the employees, the HR department of the company must take the responsibility of arranging regular health concern activities and reward to generate better results like the best health-conscious employee every month.

Overall, the corporate health check programs set the foundation of health and wellbeing culture at the workplace. This is just the first step to identify the primary health picture of employees. The HR department of the company has a keen role to play after this crucial step. As employers have a senior HR person who is directly responsible for spending money on the health of employees.

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