Meditation During Summer Holidays – A Healthy Vacation


Healthy living is very important and this is not god-gifted, even we need to earn it. Summer holidays have already been started and most of the people already booked their trips and made other plans to spend a vacation to the fullest, but health is something not to be ignored. No matter where you go, what you eat and what you do, you better spare some time for meditation and yoga which will help you to keep fit and you will thoroughly enjoy your trip without any fail.

Why people often go on a vacation? It is because to get great happiness and to avoid all stresses and workloads, but this time is very precious and learning good habits and doing creative things can help us in a better manner. Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training can be treated as an opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of life, and children along with their parents should look for spending days in a creative manner. If you expect to rejuvenate and re-energize yourself, a habit of daily yoga and meditation is very important and it will help you in spending good times easily. You better know that meditation can be practiced to anywhere you go and even during traveling. Go with the fake sleep by keeping your eyes closed and you will be fit in 10-15 minutes. Also, wherever you stay- in your relatives home or a hotel or any other place, 10-15 minutes yoga will create a wonder for you and your kids. This will create a great bond among the family members, as well as your kids, will learn good habits to keep them fit and healthy.

There are lot’s of more poses, which can easily be done during traveling and keep you fit and when we talk about meditation, it is something not to forget at all as this will make your brain works better and faster. Here are few tips which will help you to stick to your meditation while traveling or if you are on the vacation as follows-

Stay committed

Commitment is important so that you never skip yoga at all. To be in a vacation doesn’t mean you are free from doing everything you do in your day to day life, and doing yoga is not a burden. This is an amazing activity which helps us in getting complete peace of mind, happiness, and easiness, however this shouldn’t be ignored at all and don’t consider it as a burden. Be committed to do yoga anywhere you are – without any fail to attain great benefits.

Manage your time very well

Unable to wake up early in the morning due to day or night out? No worries, out of 24 hours, you will surely have 10-15 minutes when you can practice yoga. This will help you in managing your time very well and that is without forgetting yoga and your health. Whether it is morning, a day, evening or even night, spare some time and find the right place without any noise to do meditation or practice yoga.

Do yoga while traveling

No matter where you are- in an airplane, train or bus. if you find a lot of time and good space in doing yoga while sitting, you can carry forward with the same. This will make you feel very dedicated as well as you will get out of your comfort zone by doing meditation and trying few or more yoga poses. This will also help you in saving time if you feel once you reached to your destination you will be busy, hence rather than skipping your yoga practice. You better do it anywhere when you get time. Yoga in the vacation is must and you will get success in encouraging your kids to do yoga for their mental peace and health.

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