What is the Minimum Calorie Intake one Should Consume When Dieting?

If you are serious with your health and really want to lose weight, than to know your minimum calories intake is equally important for you as your diet. You have to be aware that what is the minimum calories that you are allowed to consume in a day?Maintaining a healthy living and losing weight is a tough thing and more tough is to do it the right and healthy way.

As per the best dietician for weight loss, there are many ways and diets available for weight loss, but of these ways and diets do not let you know the calorie consumption per day, these may have side effects and would be ineffective in their results. But, now the big question – what is the recommended minimum calories intake while dieting?

The answer to the question is that it varies from one individual to the other and depends on the present weight and age of the person. As per the best dietitian in Haryana, let’s understand the concept in a better way:

As per health experts and studies, the minimum calorie intake for an average adult person should be 1500 calories per day. Further on this the present weight and age determines that what should be the exact amount you should be consuming per day. You just cannot increase or decrease the amount as per your wish. You also have to balance the overall nutrition levels of your diet. For example: you must ensure that you consume more of fibers and lesser of trans fats and processed foods and even excess of carbohydrates in a day.

Calorie intake lower than 1200 for adults is considered as low and could be detrimental to health. The problem arises when we choose not to eat in order to lose weight. It cause the metabolism to slow down and the body in order to store energy starts storing fats. Therefore, slowing down metabolism means slowing down fat burning and storing them inside the body and thereby no weight loss, rather weight gain.

Counting on calories dos not means to start starving. This you know now what will do to us – slow down metabolism? It is always better to consult the best dietitian in Rajasthan and check for your individual calorie intake per day. The best way for all of us to speed up our metabolism is by eating several small healthy meals throughout the day, and the way we do this, is by eating a small low calorie meals every three to four hours throughout the day.

Follow these rules and you will be right on track:

  • You must ensure that you eat a large breakfast and from there you should follow the standard to consume four to five small low calorie meals after breakfast throughout your day. You should only be sure to choose the foods that are not only nutritious but are low in calories. Also ensure to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables in sumptuous amounts.
  • Make sure that you gradually cut on the amount of calories you have been consuming in order to lose weight because your body needs to lose weight at a slow and steady pace.

Along with your diet, ensure that you are regularly involved in exercises and exercises that are little more intense. This is enable effective eight loss and burn calories.

  • Cardiovascular exercises are engaging and helps the body burn more calories and that too quite fast. Engage in such exercises like aerobics. These exercises not only promotes burning of calories but also engages you into a healthy lifestyle that you get accustomed to for your lifetime.

Noted below are some tips on how you could efficiently cut back on your calories slowly:

  • Eat Slowly: Our brain takes time to register that we had enough food and we are now full. So while eating your food, eat slowly and give the grain the time it needs to understand. Chew your food properly before swallowing.
  • Cut only a small amount: You might be wondering why slowly and why not at one go? Go slow and easy. Quick cutting down of calorie intake could be dangerous and we have discussed earlier why?
  • Get rid of the temptations: Avoid storing junk foods in your cabinet. Follow the rule – out of sight, out of mind. Store foods that needs to be prepared and if hungry reach our fro fruits and vegetables rather than chips and chocolates.
  • Rate your hunger: Determine whether you really need to eat of it is just a fluke – false hunger. Sometimes people mistake thirst with hunger. Try to drink some water first and see that you are really hungry or not. Always plan your meal in advance and this way you will be able to control your calorie intake and thereby control your weight better.
  • Get rid of fats: All fats are not bad, but you need to identify them. Processed and fast foods are loaded with trans fats, sodium, sugar and unhealthy fats. Avoid them. Opt for healthy fats like nuts and seeds, fatty fishes and olive and coconut oil.

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