11 Tips for Cleaning Your Yard in Autumn Season

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Autumn season means you should prepare your yard for the coming winter season. You should clean your garden thoroughly before the arrival of winter. Autumn yard preparation will also save your time during the spring cleaning process. Here, in this article, we are going to share a complete checklist to do yard clean-up in autumn.

1. Remove Debris from Yard

Autumn means fallen leaves and weeds all around. You have to clear it before the first snowfall of winter; otherwise, it will form the perfect place for breeding of pests. Use an industrial backpack vacuum and leaves blower to get rid of fallen leaves and debris from your yard. Also, you should clear out the flower beds to keep unwanted pests and insects away. You should pay special attention to rose beds because the dead rose flowers can spread harmful diseases during the winter season.

2. Remove Old Vegetation

When the final harvest has been done, then you should remove old vegetation and clear the plot. After removing old plants, clean the area with a commercial backpack vacuum cleaner and get rid of debris. Do not sow new seeds but apply compost so that your new flowers grow well during spring.

3. Tree Trimming

You should hire a tree service provider to remove the rogue branches that can cause trouble during winter. If you do not want any damaged branch of tree fall down over your roof, the do tree trimming by calling an expert.

4. Unplug Your Rain Gutters

The autumn cleaning is not just limited to the yard, but you should also consider cleaning your rain gutter. the fallen leaves may also be stuck in your rain gutter and that will create problems during the winter season. You should make sure that there is no blockage in your rain gutters. Use a commercial backpack vacuum cleaner with an attachment to remove debris and fallen leaves from gutters. Finally, rinse it with the help of a garden hose.

5. Make Sure Everything Is Dry

You should drain water from fountains, pools, and drip irrigation systems. Make sure that there is no standing around your yard, otherwise, it will damage your property during winter.

6. Aerate

You should make your lawn soil porous so that water can move inside and make sure that all-important nutrients will reach the roots of the plants. You can use a garden fork to aerate lawn soil. In case you have a large yard, then you should make use of a walk-behind aerator to aerate your lawn soil. The walk-behind aerator is easily available at rent.

7. Apply Lawn fertilizers

While doing autumn clean-up of your yard, you should also apply lawn fertilizers so that your yard does not loose nutrients during the winter season.  Your fertilizer should contain a high amount of phosphorous so that it can encourage the growth of roots so that you can enjoy the green lawn during the coming spring season.

8. Rake and mulch

Don’t let fallen leaves get the best of you; if left unattended they can suffocate the grass. Rake them up, shred them, and use them as mulch for young trees, shrubs, and flower beds. You might even be able to skip the raking part if you use a lawnmower to mulch the leaves in your yard.

9. Mow your Grass

You should take out your lawnmower and trim lawn grass too short length before winter arrives. It helps in the drying of sold quickly and efficiently so that you can enjoy the lushes lawn in the spring season.

10. Clean Your Patio

The patio is also part of your yard, therefore, you should also clean it thoroughly. First of all, take a clean cloth and remove dust from your deck furniture. After that take a backpack commercial vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt from the patio surface. Finally, take your garden hose and give it a pressure wash. It will help you to stop the growth of molds and mildews in your patio. When your patio is completely dry after pressure wash, then you should apply the weatherproofing layer to protect the wood from winter damage.

11. Store Your Tools At Dry Location

During the winter season, you are not going to use your gardening tools, therefore, you should pack them and take them inside the storeroom. Forget about them until the spring season. Make sure you clean them thoroughly and also apply a light coat of oil so that you can prevent them from rust during the winter season.

Final Words

You should prepare your yard for adverse winter season and you should start thing preparation in autumn. The yard cleaning checklist for the autumn season has mentioned above. You should follow the above tips to immediately clean your yard.

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