6 Unique Outdoor Lighting Tips for Summer Living


In the summer season, all of us want to spend our evening in our yard or outdoor balcony. It is a perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors while relaxing in your backyard. But, it is not possible to sit outside and spend an enjoyable time with your friends and family without a good outdoor lighting system.

There are different ways to efficiently lit up your outer landscape and make it more appealing during summer. You can call an electrician North Shore Sydney for new ideas for the outdoor lighting system and the optimum installation. The optimum outdoor lighting system will help you to spend a beautiful evening in your backyard or balcony. Read the following ideas and implement them to get a beautiful landscape.

1. Ample Amount Of Light

Most homeowners take care of ample lighting inside their house but they forget to efficiently light up their outdoor area. You have to go creative and think about various ways to efficiently light up your landscape. You can light up walkways with solar lights, make your windows beautiful with spotlighting fixtures, install tall lighting at both sides of your driveway to create a welcoming environment in your house.

2. Highlight Your Stone Walls

Most houses are surrounded by the border walls and these walls are usually made up of stone. It is so because they are visually appealing and structurally strong. These walls enhance the aesthetics of your house and also make you safe.

You can use these walls to light up your landscape. You can install small LED lighting fixtures along the wall sides. It will light the dark area around the walls and make your wall looks like an artwork during the night. Before summer starts, you should call immediately a good electrician like emergency electrician north shore and prepare your outdoor space for summertime.

3. Highlight Significant Elements

You can use lighting fixtures to highlight hostas plants at the side of your walkway. If you have a Japnese maple tree in the mid of the driveway circle, then you should highlight this with optimum lighting fixtures.

You can choose upward lighting fixtures and install them below the maple tree so that your tree looks amazing at night. The downlight will provide a subtle glow and create a perfect ambiance.

4. Solar Lights Along The Driveway

Your driveway needs to be properly illuminated during the night. It is imperative to light up your driveway, not because of safety reasons. The best way for lighting your driveway is to install solar post lamps. Make sure the lighting fixtures you are going to install in your driveway should be installed on poles so that they can light up the entire driveway. Make sure that trees around your driveway do not interrupt the illumination of lighting fixtures.

The tall lighting system also complements the trees around your driveway. The lights should be capped so that the entire glow directed towards the driveway. These solar lights provide perfectly light up driveways that look charming during the night and also make your driveway safe.  If your solar lights fail to work, then immediately call a good electrician like a 24-hour electrician north shore to fix it.

5. Light Up The Patio

During summertime, people want to take their dinner outside. So, how can we forget to light up the patio? You can decorate with fairy lights to create a perfect ambiance while having your dinner. Along with fairy lights, you can install pendant lights over the table that it helps in visualizing everything properly. If there are stairs in your patio, then you should light up them with upward LED lights. These lights will efficiently light up the patio area.

6. Install Security Lights

The outdoor lights are not just important to enhance the visual appeal of our landscape. Therefore, you should also think about home security and install security lights at all entry points. You should also install lights outside the garage. Security lights provide high illumination and they are usually installed on tall poles so that no burglars can try to enter your house. To install security lights at home, you should hire qualified electrical service providers such as Sydney North Shore electrician. An experienced electrician knows what kind of security lights are good for your house and where they should be installed.

Final Words

These are a few scintillating ideas to light up your outdoor space. There are many other ways as well to spruce up your outdoor lighting system. But, these are the topmost ideas to make your house look amazing during summer nights. You can enjoy your outdoor and spend quality time with your friends and family. The above-mentioned outdoor lighting ideas will help you to enjoy the time outside of your house even after the sunsets.

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