How To Dress Stylish For Plus Size Women

woman dress size

Today we will be focusing on how to dress stylish especially if you’re a beginner, plus size and you struggle with putting outfits together or try to look cute. But most of us no idea how to. Well if you’re perplexed with the right clothing choice for your size, shoes & accessories, you don’t need to panic at all. H&M Black Friday Deals is ready to throw up the splendid deals for you to score. We will share with you guys 5 tips on how to dress stylishly. The steps you need to put an outfit together. Fashion and style are about you and what makes you comfortable.

Below Are the 5 Tips on How to Dress Stylishly

Pick a color scheme – Pick one to three colors that you plan on wearing in your outfit by sticking to just one to three colors. Your look and your outfits going to look cleaner and it’s going to look more polished. Having a tone of colors might look a little crazy, you can use whatever colors that you want. Think of colors that compliment each other. If you’re into neutral, you can do an all-black outfit. Light nude or Morphy blush with white, navy blue white and nudes is another good pair. Army green whites and nudes, use that and an overall guide yourself of how you want it to look. When you’re thinking about the different pieces in the different elements and putting it together think about the different texture and different types of fabrics.

Start with the basics – This tip reflects the tip we discuss above. Anytime if you’re freaking out and you’re in dilemma what to do or what to put on, always start with the basics. It means to think about what is the basic pieces that you are initially putting on. Is it a simple black Tee, long sleeve, turtleneck, denim or maybe a white top, the main tip when it comes to this is keeping it a solid colors. Try to refrain from patterns this is where you’re starting off and then you’re going to build your outfit with other elements.

Add Layers – Now step three comes into the play. Adding on layers is what’s going to put an outfit together and it’s going to help spice it up. Especially since you are starting with basic key base layering pieces can be the following. Long dusters, bass coats, leather & denim jacket or utility jackets. These are things that you’re adding on to that basic outfit. This is where you start to save the money almost wearing the same thing over and over again. The reason why outfit looks different is because of the layering pieces that you’re adding on.

Find the balance – If you’re wearing something that’s a little bit baggier, add something a little bit tighter into your outfit to add that proportion. If you’re wearing a loose t-shirt or loose baggy sweater who are leggings underneath it because it’s a more form-fitting. It is going to help proportion out, the bagginess of the sweater you’re wearing. A baggy sweater and baggy pants, you’re just going to like a big baggy creature. If you’re wearing like really loose pants or skirts but you got a tighter a fitting top-up top, it’s all about proportion. You don’t want to go super tight all or all super loose. Adding the different types of fittings putting it into an outfit is going to help with the look.

Shoes & Accessories – Now you have your foundation, layering pieces & color scheme. All of this is like the cherry on top. Things that we think every girl should have in their closet. A structured purse, something that has a structure also adding scarves and hats. Now coming to the shoes, white sneakers white flats you can’t go wrong with pointed black heel. If you wear heels or shoes that are more pointed it looks chicer. If you’re looking for new shoes keep an eye on H&M Black Friday 2019. Also, boots and booties are especially for winters and if you’re looking for them always look for a little bit pointed. Earrings, statement necklace or the watch can also add on to your look.

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