Late Night Hangout Places in Delhi

Late night parties have a completely different vibe when compared to regular parties. The music gets louder, the vibe gets better and the mood gets lighter. For certain people, late night hangout areas or party places are the only options to unwind after a hard day at work. The vibe of late night hangouts is so peaceful and relaxing that some people rejuvenate in this manner to get over their workplace stress. It does not matter what you do, where you work or how exhausted you are, if the beast in you wants to have a fun time with close friends and family, you must get ready to experience that.

The definition of nightlife in Delhi has generally been non-existent or that it is boring. In our country, Mumbai is considered to be one of the most happening places for late night parties but Delhi is not to be ignored. Delhi has the capability of enthralling you with the best music and the best ambience that you have ever experienced in your life. In Mumbai where people are the most energetic and has one of the most vibrant night lives, Delhi is definitely not lagging behind in any aspect because Delhiites are as crazy and as energetic. Sophia looking for some of the best late night hangout places in Delhi, you have landed at the right place because we have done some research and made a list of one of the best places to hangout during late nights in Delhi and have a wonderful time with your friends and family.

  1. Playboy Club: The place promises to offer you one of the best experiences of hanging out with your friends. It is one of the most beautiful restaurants cum bars situated inside the lavish Samrat Hotel and has the capability to turn even the dullest nights to the most happening times of your lives. The decor has been done to reflect the classiness as well as the vintage vibes of the place. The contrasting and colorful lights, the wooden walls and ceilings, the exquisite and modern chandeliers, the comfortable seating arrangements and the very architecture of the place is sure to mesmerize you making you want to visit this place again and again. The ambience of the place gets full marks and additionally they have some of the best tasting food options starting from North Indian to Continental and their Long Island Iced Tea is a must try. They have a huge dance floor and a great DJ who plays one of the most mind blowing music that will surely make any non dancer want to shake a leg and possibly groove all through the night. The place is also perfect who are gathered to have a fun experience of eating out and have a good time as the background music and the very ambience adds to the lively mood of the place. The pub promises to serve their customers with the best quality food, drinks, crowd and nightlife and therefore is considered one the best late night party hangouts in Delhi. So don’t think any further and make a plan with your close ones and book a table to experience one the finest nights of your lives.
  2. The Blue Bar: If there is one particular word that we must use to describe this bar situated in Taj Palace, it is “beautiful”. The place is possibly the most visually appealing bars situated in Delhi. Like the name suggests, the space is decorated with beautiful combination of blue and warm lights. The glass detailing, the vibrant and comfortable couches, the theme of gold and silver add to the brilliant architecture of the place. The liquor and the wine bottles act as a delightful piece of decor and add a sense of vintage and rusticity to the whole place. They have an indoor and an outdoor seating area and the outdoor space is as beautiful as the indoor with its relaxing couches that overlooks the beautiful green lawn that looks even more charming at night when the statement lights along the perimeter are lighted up. There is also an extravagant pool that overlooks the place. This 5 star lounge occasionally offers its guests with their own personal liquid chefs who create masterpiece concoctions out of various mind blowing spirits and flavors. This act is not just a great experience for your taste buds but it is also an impressive visual experience that adds to the whole vibe of the place. The place is small yet absolutely ideal to hangout with a small group of family or friends and it is perfect for a romantic date with your loved one. The bar boasts about their range of exotic cocktails and drinks like long island iced tea, wine and beer are a people’s favorite. The ambience of this place is absolutely wonderful the whole experience is top notch making it one of the best places to organize a small session of hangout in Delhi. This extraordinary bar definitely sets a benchmark and a high standard through which all other cocktail bars are compared and therefore give other places a very tough competition.
  3. Grappa: This is one of those places that grabs your attention the very first time when you visit this place and makes you want to go again and again to experience the very ambience of it. The architecture and the built is very interesting with their wooden walls, display of the liquor bottles, vintage furnishings and wine barrels acting as chandeliers. The place comes with an indoor and an outdoor seating area and the outdoor seating area that overlooks the beautiful green lawn is especially worth mentioning because of its pretty environment and summer style decor with pastel colors of blue, grey and white. They also have a live sports screening area that focus on various important matches and you can enjoy with your friends and family by supporting your favorite players over some great food and drinks. Coming to the food, they specialize widely in Italian and finger food and their cocktails and the Italian delicacies like pasta, pizza, negroni and brochettes are a must try. The place offers everything amazing, the amazing food and cocktails, the amazing ambience and the place is also known to play some very extraordinary live Jazz music. So if you are looking for a relaxing session with your friends and family to catch up on all the gossip, this is the place for you to consider as it is undoubtedly one of the finest late night hangout places in Delhi.

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