Re-define Your Love for Scarf with Some New Styles

A scarf is a weapon that can change your style game in an impressive way. They come handy and go with almost every kind of dress. It can make a lame dressing quite interesting with a few folds. Whether silk or a pashmina scarf for women, you can change the look completely even of the basic outfits.

Another positive point for the cashmere pashmina scarf is that it really never goes out of style. The fashion gurus invent new ways to carry it each time to change the dimension. It is the most appropriate accessory that you can carry in every season with a formal, casual or traditional outfit.

If you want to check the style diary for 2019, you can see a diverse choice for a scarf. People like to experiment with thicker scarves like pashmina or woolen with fringe and pompom this season.

In case, you are a fan of the scarf already and try to explore more styles, then here are some trendy ways to wear a scarf exclusively.

1. Choker Style:

Invoke the urban cowboy resides in you and experiment with your scarf in the most filmy way. You can wrap a silk scarf around your neck and make a chick bohemian look with pantsuit on T-shirt. Don’t forget your cowboy hat to complete the look.

2. Hair Accessories:

Your scarf can be a perfect companion for your hair. This is the best way to welcome Spring with a refreshing look. Just tie your hair, wrap the scarf around the length of the hair and finally make a knot to settle it on the place. This look best goes with light color top and floral skirt.

3. Poncho:

In case you have a pashmina shawl, you can convert it to a tartan poncho. This is the best choice for winter. You need to drape the shawl around your shoulder and then fasten a belt to secure its position. This is a trendy look that you can rock for your friends’ get together.

4. Bow Style:

If you have a block color silk scarf, you can try this look. Drape the scarf around the neck and then tie a bow with it. It can be a great look with a blazer that will complement a plain tip.

5. Bag Knot:

Not only you, but the scarf can make a normal bag beautiful. Tie a silk scarf around the handle to add some oomph in your every day’s look.

6. Belt:

Have you ever tried to exchange your belt with the scarf? This can be an awesome idea to match a printed scarf with a monochrome dress that will complement each other.

7. Knotty Affair:

A plain double knot on the scarf can uplift your look in every occasion. Don’t just drape the scarf around your neck, try to add some knot (both single and double as per the volume of the scarf) to tie it successfully. This is a great option to wear a single color cashmere scarf on a white top.

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