A Handbook on How to Dress your Restaurant Wait-staff professionally

For an industry that deals with food such as a restaurant, cafes or any other setup; the appearance of the wait staff or server has the same level of importance as the food the restaurant server and how professional the staff is as well as how perfect the ambiance of the restaurant was. The biggest misconception we have in our minds is that only the taste of the food, how it is being served, the ambiance of the restaurant, and how polite the wait-staff matters. No, these aren’t the only elements that matter in building the reputation of the restaurant. The importance of a uniform in the food industry has the same significance as the taste of the food.

Each and every factor which will build the customer’s impression about the restaurant or any food establishment is on the same level of priority be it the appearance of the server, food, ambiance or any other element of the restaurant and your business. Pieces of studies show that a splendid restaurant phenomenon isn’t produced just by food and other restaurant services but every detail matters that assemble the experience and feedback from the customer. Think of this: you’re the perfect restaurant with fantastic ambiance, expensive cutlery, and crockery, best chefs in the kitchen, impeccable taste in food but you’ve given zero importance to the appearance of the wait-staff and their uniforms. It is said that this negligence will drop the customer ratio to more than fifty percent.

Nobody, not even you would like to eat in a place where everything is perfect but the server is wearing unprofessional clothes, and the appearance is not good. And, what if, your client wants to hold an official meeting in your restaurant but rejects your establishment just because of the appearance of your wait-staff and serves? A big blow to the business, indeed. The staff and team no matter in the front receiving the people, in the middle serving them with food and beverages or in the back preparing the food and desserts; must be dressed professionally and smartly  that will reflect the business as a well-established restaurant. The uniforms of the staff must be according to their role and what they could need in their uniforms. The appearance of the wait-staff and servers play a vital role in the eye of the customers.

For example; if the uniform of the wait-staff is dirty and looking gross; the customer will have doubts about the food and its ingredients as well that whether they’re clean or not. This doubt will be a disaster for the business. There are a few points as to what the appearance of the wait-staff in a restaurant means.

Steadfast identity of the trademark:

The main reason you must develop and make sure that people identify your brand and restaurant is essential as there are hundreds of choices a customer have on-hand as to where he/she can go and eat. What will make them choose you? With the best food and perfect ambiance, the professional look of your wait-staff. To win the competition among-st all these eateries; you must have something they lack, your business needs to stand out, the restaurant needs to distinguish from all the other rival bistros. The message you want to convey will be in the presentation of the restaurant as well as in the appearance of the wait-staff. For example, if you’re attempting to represent refinement and posh banqueting you’ll be going to convey a contradictory tendency if the wait-staff is  in ill-fitted t-shirts and jeans, whereas staff outfitted in suits and ties  will be inappropriate for a laid-back diner at the corner of a street.

Salubrity & Security

Apart from the brand recognition and appearance of the wait-staff, there are other threats as well involved in the food & beverage industry. Most of the day, the staff in the back especially comes in contact with flame and other hot blazing utensils which might result in the burn and blisters if not taken care of and worked appropriately with perfect equipment. For any food establishment, salubrity & security is of topmost importance, and the staff uniform plays an important role in this regard; especially in the kitchen. Avoiding injuries instigated due to trips and splish-splashes from sizzling food is classified among core jobs of kitchen’s workforce uniforms, whereas they are also intended to be flame resistant. There are at present, even severer protocols concerning slip-resistant foot-gear in kitchens.

Certainly a chef’s cover jacket is going to get tainted with several spots and splashes from the foods in the kitchen — if it isn’t dirty then this indicates that they are undoubtedly not working hard enough — which is the reason why they are archetypal revocable so that they can about turn and carry on to exhibit a hygienic presentation to the customers when essential. A substantial amount of devotion and consideration spirits into building a robust restaurant trademark, so don’t allow something as trivial as disheveled wait-staff uniform destroy all the elbow grease you put in creating that all.

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