Tourists Who Litter On Beaches And Do Drugs Not Welcome In Goa: Minister of GOA

Tourists WHO don’t respect the culture of state and make nuisance by littering on the beaches or taking narcotic medicine aren’t welcome within the state, business enterprise Minister Manohar Ajgaonkar aforesaid within the law-makers on Thursday. The minister conjointly aforesaid that existing laws weren’t robust enough to tackle the nuisance created by hawkers on the beaches within the state

“I still say we don’t need tourists WHO arrive here and make nuisance and do not respect our culture. We do not need them if they litter on the beaches or drug,” he aforesaid throughout the Question Hour. The minister aforesaid tourists typically created nuisance on the streets when obtaining drunk.

“There could be a distinction between a drunk Goan and a tourer WHO is drunk. Goans can walk straight on the road whereas tourists walk shaking their body,” Mr Ajgaonkar additional.

Speaking on problems with stray animals, garbage and ineligible hawkers on the beaches within the state, he aforesaid though the business enterprise department was operating to tackle those, the problems persisted. “The existing law doesn’t have teeth to handle these problems. we tend to clear the nuisance however it resurfaces. We wish to strengthen the prevailing business enterprise Act,” Mr Ajgaonkar aforesaid.

He aforesaid the India Reserve Batallion (IRB) personnel announce on the beaches don’t have enough powers and have to be compelled to rely on the native police to require action. “Whenever we tend to confiscate things from hawkers gift on the beaches lawlessly, they only run away. They ne’er come back to pay fine or take back their belongings,” the minister aforesaid.

He aforesaid the director of business enterprise had issued a circular listing illegal activity on the beaches.About the menace of garbage, Mr Ajgoankar aforesaid the department had launched a WhatsApp helpline to tackle the difficulty. “If anyone sends an image of garbage on a beach, it’ll be cleared among twelve hours,” he said.In February this year, Mr Ajgaonkar had aforesaid he would keep off tourists WHO didn’t respect the Goan culture. “Tourists WHO come back here ought to beware of Goa’s culture and Goanness, otherwise i will be able to chase them away,” he had aforesaid. Days before his statements, his cupboard colleague Vijai Sardesai had referred to as a region of domestic tourists “scum of the earth” and urged state to seem for “qualitative and not quantitative” tourists.

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