Arlo Review | Is Arlo really worth the Hype?

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This article is a review of the Arlo camera; out of all the others, we chose Arlo for a review as it provides us with free cloud storage and is not having the glitches of monthly or yearly subscriptions.

What comes with the Box?

Apart from the free cloud storage, Arlo also gives us the ability to add USB drives on the back which do not get filled up fast and if the storage is full, it overwrites the old video files automatically, even without any settings to be done by us.

It has some status indicator lights in the front which means that everything is up and running online and on the base station itself. We can turn off the siren, by just clicking it manually; the siren is helpful when we are not around. We get a notification if someone is at the door and it looks like they are breaking in, we can hit the alarm.

It gets connected to the app quickly; the app can be downloaded easily into all smart devices. We can set this up to work with the hue lights; so, the wireless Wi-Fi blinks the light if motion is detected. It also sends the information up to the cloud and goes back and triggers, the light bulbs on hue which is a Philips brand and we get the lights inside the house to flash.

For people who wear a Smartwatch, if any motion is detected, we get an alert message. Even before someone rings the doorbell, lights start flashing by alerting us that there is motion outside. 

Setting up Arlo:

We can set up Arlo with the things provided in the kit or can buy related products from the market. You can mount it up by unscrewing it and get the adjustments back and set it up. It comes with a nice stick that takes quite a bit of pressure. It detects the motion. Overall, this is good for indoors.

Setting up the Arlo App:

When we first log into the arlo app, we see a screen with the live recording; devices can be added to the screen. It also shows the last recorded preview of the camera. When we click the record button, it starts recording. If the same button is hit again, it stops recording. It can take a picture by clicking the camera icon and it snaps a picture.

We can record the voice by clicking on the microphone icon. That can be used to communicate with anybody that is at our door. We also can mute the audio coming out of the camera as well. We can go into full-screen mode by clicking the full screen.

There is an option to click the extremely loud alarm. The camera is disarmed so if we go into our settings it shows disarmed, we can toggle it make it armed. Now it tracks the motion and detect audio. If someone is breaking into a window is not in the area of camera, we still can detect it by adjusting the sensitivity on the scale of 1 to 100. 

We can check our signal strength, the battery, USB icon that indicates we have a device connected to it. The black indicates that it is working; when it is red or grey, that means it is recording. It shows the number of notifications.

With all these settings, we can set up the best video optimized or best battery life. We also get updates once in a while. The library shows the videos that have been created and pictures taken. It keeps track of the last seven days, so we can go through it when needed.

Is Arlo really worth the Hype?

The overall performance of Arlo is good. It comes with excellent features but there are some things one needs to know before buying it. The two-way communication is not very efficient. It works well with a high-speed internet connection. When there is traffic, the battery drains dramatically and has to be charged often. It is comparatively expensive.

It is rechargeable; provides large cloud storage, aesthetically pleasing, preferred for both indoor and outdoor uses. 

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