Car Tyre Maintenance Tips You Need to See

car Tyre Maintenance Tips

Our car is probably one of the most expensive possessions for most of us. Hence, we all wish to maintain it in its best working condition for extended service time. Here is a guide for keeping your tyres as functional and excellent as new.

Car Tyre Maintenance Tips

Following are some car tyre maintenance tips to follow:

  • Maintain optimum tyre pressure

Under inflated tyres can result in reduced fuel economy of the vehicle and reduced lifespan of its tyres due to uneven wear. You can keep a Michelin foot pump handy in your car’s boot to make regular tyre pressure maintenance at home easier. Michelin foot pumps are available in different versions suiting different needs. They offer both digital and analogue pressure in-built gauges, cordless or electric foot pumps, and single or double barrel foot pumps.

  • Keep a check on tyre treads

Worn out tyres can prove to be extremely dangerous when you find yourself in an emergency and have to stop your car immediately. Always make a point to check the depth of the treads of your tyre with a tyre tread depth gauge and get the tyres changed when the tread depth is lower than that recommended by your manufacturer.

  • Wheel rotation

Tyre rotation is the best way to ensure even wear on them. You must rotate your tyres as per the recommendations of your manufacturer in the vehicle’s user’s manual.

  • Wheel alignment

If you are experiencing uneven tyre wear, unusual vibrations, or the car pulling towards one side, then there is probably an issue with the wheel alignment. It is recommended to get your tyres balanced after every 10,000 kms.

Best Car Tyre Accessories Online

Modern car accessories are designed for easy usage at home so that you don’t always have to rely on the local mechanic for regular car maintenance. Here are some of the best car accessories that every car owner must have:

  • Car Foot Pump

A car foot pump is a compact and portable version of an air compressor that you can store in your car’s boot and use it to maintain optimum tyre pressure all the time. Car foot pumps are super easy to use:

  1. Connect the tyre inflator’s hose to the deflated tyre’s outlet valve.
  2. Turn the device on.
  3. Let the inflator device refill the tyres until you see the recommended pressure reading on the in-built pressure gauge.

  • Tyre Pressure Gauge

While most car foot pumps come with an in-built pressure gauge that you can use to check tyre pressure, it is not as convenient as checking tyre pressure with a pressure gauge. A digital tyre pressure is a small and handy device, as small as a bar phone, that you can slip in between the keys of your car. A tyre pressure gauge is also very easy to use:

  1. Kneel down in front of a wheel.
  2. Insert the gauge’s pin in the outlet valve.
  3. Turn the device on. Skip this step in case you have an automatic tyre pressure gauge.
  4. In a matter of seconds, the device will begin to display accurate pressure reading of your tyre.

  • Tyre Shine

Regular soap and detergent fail to remove tough stains, dust, dirt, and mud from the tyre surface. A tyre shine is a special compound that nicely cleans the tyre surface, covering all minor marks and crack, and adding deep back shine on its body in less than 2 minutes.

  • Puncture Repair Kit

A puncture repair kit comes really handy in emergencies when you find yourself stranded in the middle of a road with a flat tyre. Remember that a puncture repair by a puncture repair kit is temporary and you must reach the nearest repair shop as soon as possible after treating the puncture with this kit.


So, here were some of the best tips an expert mechanic can give you for optimum tyre maintenance and prolonged service time. If you are looking for some car accessories online, then you must check Carorbis.com as this website hosts an excellent range of high-quality, affordable car and bike accessories.

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