Drinking Pure Water Is Necessary Don’t Avoid It

Various types of water conditions exist from place to place, and to keep your family and friends safe and healthy, it’s essential to understand which purifier you need for your water. Let’s have a look at different water purification technologies. 

RO Water Purifiers 

This innovation is ideal for districts that get hard water, which has high degrees of Totally Dissolved Salts (TDS). Turn around Osmosis, or RO innovation includes water being passed at high pressures through a thin film composite membrane. This lessens the number of salts and minerals that broke up in the water by approx 90%, bringing it down to a healthy and admissible level. Hard water may contain broke down minerals and salts like arsenic, iron, mercury, lead, fluoride, and nitrates, and so forth.

RO innovation wipes out any physical, synthetic, or biological pollutants, guarding you against waterborne diseases.  A few homes are presented with water from several water sources. At such times, it’s crucial to utilize water purifiers utilizing a mix of RO and UV advances. 

UV Water Purifiers 

UV water purifiers are ideal for the cleaning of municipality water. It cleans water utilizing a 3 phase refinement measure. Stage one includes suspended materials like residue and mud getting filtered out. Every single natural debasement, foul smell, and horrible taste, lead, pesticides, and VOC are retained and eliminated in the subsequent stage. The third stage at that point deactivates infection, microbes, protozoa, and other sickness-causing microorganisms.

Utilizing ultraviolet beams to filter water, UV innovation guarantees water is as unadulterated as when boiled for 20 minutes. It precludes the chance of repeated pollution during cooling or taking care of the water when boiling it manually. 

Wondering Why You Should Choose Aquaguard RO Purifier?

  • Aquaguard is one of the most established and most well-known water purifier brands in India.
  • Aquaguard is the lead water purifier brand of Eureka Forbes and has around 36 years of exploration and comprehension of the Indian water conditions and the best water cleansing advances.
  • Aquaguard water purifiers are fabricated in ISO 9001 and 14001 certified assembling plants. Aquaguard is one of only a handful few water purifier marks that have 18 water labs that continually test the water tests the nation over.
  • Not a wide range of water can be cleaned utilizing any one innovation, and in this manner, Aquaguard has created around 21 distinctive water cleansing advancements to address 21 diverse water conditions.
  • Aquaguard water purifiers are tried and certified by more than 135 laboratories worldwide and are likewise endorsed by the Indian Medical Association.
  • The brand has won a few high honours like the Golden Peacock Award, UNESCO Water Digest Awards, RED Dot Design Awards, and a few different benefits.  

All You Need To Know About RO

  • The RO framework moves the molecules from a higher solute concentration to bring down solute concentration by utilizing the critical factor of approaching water across the membrane and leaving the impurities behind. Osmosis permits the water molecules to stream across a semipermeable membrane from a low solute concentration to a high solute concentration. RO works the opposite of osmosis, so it moves the water molecules from high concentration to low concentration with the pressing factor of approaching water that pushes across the membrane. The left out water and particles are released through another source.
  • A quality RO gives 100% purified water liberated from synthetic substances and smell; it requires low maintenance costs. While a low cost and quality RO settles on channels and different adornments that need high maintenance costs. Occasional help is an absolute necessity for RO purifiers and can appreciate the best assistance with saving parts that keeps the RO running in excellent condition.
  • If purchase a Eureka Forbes RO purifier, its power utilization is negligible when contrasted with others. The Aquaguard purifier accompanies 25 W that consumes one unit of current in 40 hours. With one unit you can get 4800 litres of water cleansed.
  • For any other queries, please contact the Aquaguard RO Service Center.

 Aquaguard Service Centre

  • Aquaguard has the most important deals and administration network with over 36 nations and across 800 towns in India.
  • Aquaguard has the biggest help network in India, and you can locate an approved assistance place each 5 km. The brand additionally works in different call habitats for a quick reaction.
  • On the off chance that you need to raise any protest or administration demand, you can call Aquaguard client care complementary number: 1860 266 1177.
  • You can likewise compose an email to Eureka Forbes Aquaguard at the underneath given email ids:

Online Sales: onlineshopping@eurekaforbes.com

Administration: deepa.customercare@eurekaforbes.com

You can buy your Aquaguard online or by directly going to the store. Service centers are located in every city in India, thereby making access easy.

We care for you and your family. Get your Aquaguard RO for your home soon!

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