How to Promote your New Website: 3 key tips to consider

Digital marketing

If someone wants to create a website nowadays, the only thing he has to do is to buy a website domain. This is in complete contrast to earlier days where you also needed some sound technical knowledge to build a website. However, this ease also comes with an imminent baggage. Due to the humongous number of websites available on the web today, it’s becoming extremely difficult to adequately promote and scale up a website. This applies to both new as well as established websites. However, as always there is a solution:

Let’s talk about a few smart ways in which website owners can communicate their content and offerings to their target customers in today’s world.

(1) SEO

Successfully leveraging SEO to scale up your google rankings is a highly complex and time-consuming process. Due to such a perception, many website owners overlook the most basic things that they should concentrate on before delving into hardcore SEO strategies:

  • Longtail Keywords:

It’s very obvious that your new website won’t be able to compete with higher authority websites when it comes to the most popular and high traffic generating keywords belonging to particular niche. Therefore, you should focus on certain Longtail versions of a popular keywords. It’s also imperative to create good quality content on these keywords as well.

  • Meta Description Snippets

This is an extremely crucial thing that most website overlook. A meta- description is the best way in which you can give you viewer an instant idea of what kind of content, your website offers. When it comes to new websites, the importance of meta-descriptions rises multiple times. This is because your viewer won’t have any prior idea about the content quality that your website offers. It’s also necessary to mention at least one keyword that you are creating your content on, in the meta description snippet.

(2) Creating Quality Content:

This is arguably, the most crucial thing to do for a new website. Creating quality content is the most crucial thing that a new website needs to do. The standard of content that your website is offering would significantly dictate the level of returning traffic to your website and shape its future brand image as well. Its not lucrative for a website to immediately start creating content that is based on highly exclusive and uncommon topics, that have a very small segment of interested consumers.

The reason is quite straightforward. As of now your website doesn’t possess the level of credibility that is necessary to attract such niche viewers towards your content. The best content creation strategy that will work in this scenario is the Skyscraper Technique. The Skyscraper Technique involves choosing a content that is currently trending in your niche area and creating a similar copy that is multiple times more detailed than the trending one.

For example: If there is a trending post on social media lead generationthat is of 1500 words, you should create a piece of similar content that is of 3000 thousand words. The biggest advantage of the skyscraper technique is that it can ease up your link building process to a great extent, as people would more willingly share elaborate and detailed pieces of content.

(3) Social Media 

It’s a very common thing for new websites to face challenges while promoting their websites on social media. This is because, they fail to provide the much-needed initial engagement to its viewers through its social media content. This is something that well-established websites easily manage to achieve, due to a prior name in the market. Secondly, due to the over-availability of content on social media nowadays, there is a very small window in which websites have to engage their customers to such an extent that he decides to visit their website.

So how can new websites use social media effectively to their advantage?

Content repurposing can be a very effective strategy in such a situation. Start repurposing your lengthy blogs content into numerous smaller pieces of content. This includes explainer videos, animated videos, infographics etc. This type of content is tailor mode for social media as they are of a relatively more intuitive nature. Through such shorter forms of content, you can create the much-needed initial engagement on social media and then attract your customers to the original blog in your website.

 Wrapping up…

 As a final advice, I would like to say that new website owners should mandatorily develop a patient attitude towards their website. They need to understand that scaling up a website is a highly time-consuming process, where instant results are very rare. Therefore, you have to put very consistent efforts for a minimum period of six months to experience some significant rise in your website traffic and domain authority. 

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