How to Repair Cracked Tablet Screen?

Everyone uses mobile phones and tablets nowadays. People spend a lot of money on buying the latest gadgets with the best technology. Adults and teens all love using the latest devices. Even though these phones and tablets are instrumental, you need to keep them safe because it is easy to break them.

It is common for a person to drop their phone or tablet and crack its screen. It is a significant problem because it can be expensive to repair your screen or replace it. In some cases, people throw away or sell their tablets and buy a new one.

However, it is not a difficult work to get your tablet repaired. Let us look at the simple steps by which you can fix a crack tablet screen.

Check the damage done
tablet screen repair

The most important thing is not to panic when you drop your tablet. Be calm, pick up your tablet, and sift through it. Check if the crack is big or small. It may be that the crack is a small one, and your tablet is working as usual.

It is also possible that there is a significant crack. In that case, you won’t be able to see the screen correctly, or it may not show anything. If this happens, then you will have to replace or repair the screen of your tablet.

Check if insurance covers this issue

Generally, a tablet comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, but they include internal problems and not accidental damage. Most of the users nowadays prefer gadget insurance for their devices. Almost all major insurance companies provide cover for screen cracks as it is a common issue.

Many major insurance companies provide gadget insurance, and every user must consider getting insurance for their tablets. If you don’t have gadget insurance, you can also ask your home insurance policy about the tablet. It might be possible that they cover your gadgets.

You can check the manufacturer’s warranty

Almost all the top brands offer one or two years of warranty with their devices. In most cases, the warranty only covers the software and manufacturer’s issues. They do not cover accidental damage done to your phone, which means they will not fix the cracks in your tablet’s screen for free.

However, most of these companies offer brilliant offers for your repairs. They will offer to repair your screen for affordable prices. You won’t have to spend a lot on a new screen. They will fix your tablet’s screen for a low price and in less time.

You can visit a mobile repair shop

You can also take your tablet to a mobile repair shop for repair. This way, you won’t have to send your tablet to the manufacturer, which can be a long process and may take weeks. Usually, a repair shop will check your phone almost instantly, and they will fix it in two to three days. Tablet repairs Darwin will fix your tablet screen in no time.

Repair shops can fix your tablet in less time and even charge low prices than the manufacturer. But in most cases, if you get the repair work done by an outside shop other than the manufacturer, it will void your tablet’s warranty. So before going to a repair shop, you should always check if the shop is certified and licensed to carry out the work.

Check if the manufacturer will replace the screen

You can consult your manufacturer about the broken screen of your tablet. Mostly they do not cover the screen damage under warranty. However, they can provide you with a new, replacement screen for your tablet. You can pay them some amount of money, and they can replace your tablet’s broken screen.

The best thing is that the manufacturer will provide you authentic and the best available parts for your device, which are difficult to get elsewhere. Moreover, getting the work done by the manufacturer will also not void the warranty of your tablet.   

You can buy a new tablet

Another option is that you sell your damaged tablet and buy a new, better one. Sometimes the damage is too much, and it is not possible to repair it entirely, or the repairs might be costly. In such cases, the best thing is to buy a new tablet.

With a little more amount than what you would have spent on the repairs, you can buy a brand-new tablet. It will be an upgrade on your previous device. You will get the latest hardware and technology. It is up to you to make this decision according to your budget and needs.


It can be heartbreaking to drop your tablet and damage its screen. You should keep your gadgets carefully. If you damage your screen, the tips mentioned above will help you to repair your tablet screen. Buy the latest devices but take care of them. Do not destroy them accidentally.

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