How To Use Wood Chips In Smart Way?

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While working with wood, the small pieces of wood will be left behind and they are known as wood chips. There are different ways to use them such as using them as compost, burning them, using for decor, etc.

Here, in this article, we have listed out a few smart ways to use wood chips.

1. Outdoor Meal Preparation

If you prepare your meals over charcoal, then wood chips will also act as a good option as a fuel. Also, it is time-tested that food cooked over the wood chips is more delicious. You can use the wood chips a grill or in a smoker. The wood chips can add extra flavor to your meal. Moreover, different wood chips deliver different flavors.

2. For Mulching

The mulching is the process that helps in retaining water in the roots of the plant and helps them grow large and stronger. Most people spend money and get a small bag of wood chips for mulching purposes. But, the best way to do it is to use the wood chips at your house.

These wood chips help in retaining the moisture and keep the plants in your yard cooler during hot summer months. These wood chips also help in restricting the growth of unwanted plants such as weeds.

3. Form A Walkway

You can use the wood chips on the top of your walkway. Make sure you use the same quality of wood chips for pathways that you will use for mulching purposes. The wood chips will help in preventing the growth of weeds in your walkways.

Moreover, wood chips look beautiful in your pathways and also tell the people where they are supposed to walk. The wood chips are perfect if you want your guests to direct the path to your house.

4. Ignite Fire

The wood chips act as a good fire starter, therefore, you can use them in your firepits. Also, you can use these to start bonfire while camping. All you need to do is to press these wood chips into paraffin.

The woodchips may take a long time as compare to the sawdust but they burn for a long time. Therefore, the wood chips are perfect for a bonfire in cool weather conditions.

5. Stop The Growth Of Weeds

Place the woodchips where you want to restrict the growth of weeds or unwanted plants. The wood chips will block the sunrays and stop their growth. They will create a physical barrier between unwanted plants and useful sun rays that are essential for the growth of weeds. Moreover, the wood chips also take away the nutrient from the first few inches of soil.

6. Animal Bedding

Your pet may love to lay down on bedding of wood chips rather than ground. The wood chips will provide col and wet places during summer. To make this bedding cozy and comfortable, you can lay down a blanket over it. This bedding is not as comfortable as goose down but it is far better than bare rock.

7. Filling Up Muddy Places

If there is any depressed area in your landscape where water accumulated after rain, then you can fill this area with wood chips. Filling up the depressed area will provide a smooth pace to walk. The wood chips will keep this depressed area dry and also offer a good bit of traction.

8. Playset Ground Covering

If you have a backyard where your kids love to play, then you can cover that area with wood chips to provide cushioned ground for your kids. This cushioned ground will protect your kids from a major injury. If your kid falls off a slide, then wood chips on the ground will absorb most of the pressure and prevent your kid from severe injury.

9. Decoration Purpose

If you are trying to decorate your house with artificial flowers, then you should use wood chips in the flower vase. They will help in stabilizing your artificial flowers and hold them in an upright position. The wood chips are used for the construction of artwork with different patterns and shapes. Think of different ideas to use wood chips for decorative purposes.

Brief Summary:

If there are wood logs that are left behind after cutting a tree, then hire a tree chipping Sydney service provider to cut that log into small wood chips. There are various ways to use the leftover wood chips and some of them are mentioned above. These techniques are simple and the best ways to get rid of waste in optimum ways.

In addition to this, you can save money by using the material you have in your house rather than buying new from the store. The above-mentioned ideas are perfect for DIYers who want to use wood chips for various purposes rather than treating them as a waste.

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