Best Way to Backup Yahoo Email Messages on Computer / Laptop

ackup Yahoo Email Messages

Do you have a solution to save your Yahoo emails on hard drive? Is the method efficient and comfortable to process all the time you need the backup? Read the article below to know the best way to backup Yahoo email in offline mode. I’m sure, you will be satisfied with the process and its efficiency.

Yahoo mail is you are familiar is the webmail client that had a data breach in 2014. This data leak took a great disaster for the Yahoo corporation, as many users switched from Yahoo mail to other mail services. It was a bad time for Yahoo, undoubtedly. Then yahoo managed to hook up from all the data breaches and updated its security service by all means.

But this was not all. The Outage that struck the Yahoo mail again grabbed it is a major dilemma. Many users were unable to use their Yahoo mail and some of them even lost their data forever. Yahoo is continuously dealing with these issues and is maintaining the protection band at its best. Still the Outage some times take over the Yahoo mail. This troubles the users. Yes, it really does.

So the users who want their data to be safe for the lifetime and use them forever can use the process to be discussed below. It is really the best way to backup Yahoo mail and makes it useful at all severe conditions.

How to Save Yahoo Mail Data from Loss Forever?

The best answer is to save a copy of your Yahoo mail data anywhere offline. This will help you retrieve your data if it gets lost online. But this answer is incomplete. I guess you know why? The Yahoo mail does not have any export process to save the copy of Yahoo messages on the computer.

Thus, what will we do to achieve our success? There is a number of solution provided on the internet. Start from the configuration of Yahoo mail to several webmail clients that offer download emails to many other offline email clients. But due to some technical inefficiency in the user, the process becomes useless. Not anymore.

One solution that will help all sorts of users, in the same manner, as discussed below. It will be sufficient enough for all sorts of users, say from the technical to the novice user to complete the task easily. The solution could be named as Yahoo Backup Facility. The simple and best way to backup Yahoo email on computer or external hard drive. Read down to know more about the efficient process.

The Best Yahoo Mail Backup Solution

As defined above, SysTools Yahoo Backup Software is the best and efficient method to save a copy of Yahoo mail on the hard drive. It has no disadvantage over working on the Computer system. The secured login and data backup procedure make it the best trustworthy process to download data effortlessly. Also, the functionalities offering in the application make it moreover any other application or process to take backup of the Yahoo mail account.

Steps to Backup Yahoo Emails to Hard Drive

Step 1: Download and Run Yahoo Backup Tool

Step 2: Login with Yahoo account credentials.

Step 3: Select Backup format to download Yahoo emails.

Step 4: Browse a location on the computer to save Yahoo messages.

Step 5: Start the process to backup Yahoo mail.

This simple process with the most ever found user-friendly application makes the task an ever easy process. Though it will take some time save all your important emails to local hard drive. This will also depend on the bandwidth used by the application to backup Yahoo mail account data. Some facilities taken as the features within the application are described below. Get down to know them as well. It will be a great help to perform an efficient download Yahoo mail process.

Efficient Features of Best Way to Backup Yahoo Email

Some functions in the tool for efficient processing is described below. Just take a look at understanding the application better.

Multiple Backup File Formats: The application is feasible to download Yahoo emails in multiple file formats. It is efficient in saving the data in PST/ MSG (Outlook format), EML/ MBOX (Thunderbird) file types. These file types are supported by many webmail and email clients.

Directly Archive Yahoo Mail to Hard Drive: There is a facility to free the account storage without losing any data. This offering is possible with delete after download option. It downloads the data to local hard drive and deletes the same from the Yahoo account server.

Pause and Resume Download Process: There is a facility in the Yahoo backup tool to manage the live download process. This pause option will stop the process in the midway and the resume option restores the process to the point where it was stopped.

Set Bandwidth and Throttle Time Slot: In case your network is not stable, the download process may fail. So to avoid such cases, the application has a facility to set the bandwidth. This will make the backup process smooth and stable throughout. Also, the time slot option facilitates to set the backup process outside the work hours for an efficient download process. If the backup fails by any means, you can resume it by the next login to the application.

The application does not need any navigation, so it is simple to use and download data to the hard drive from the Yahoo mail account.


The article is all about the best way to backup Yahoo email to a hard drive. You can go through all the solutions given on the internet, but this method stands on top overall. It is because of its efficiency and effortless process to save Yahoo mail offline. Go through the process and perform the functions on it for efficient data download and save important data offline.

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