Testing Your Billing Software – Important Things to Keep in Mind

While we are keeping pace with the revolution that digital transformation has brought about in our lives, most of us will agree that we have become a lot more dependent on several software applications for our regular activities. Among these, many applications are used to purchase objects of daily need. Most of these e-commerce software applications have an internal billing system. Thus, it is quite crucial that the proper functionality of the billing system is thoroughly examined. Therefore, every organization that deals with the development of billing solutions, need to take the assistance of software testing professionals to ensure that their billing solution meets the precise requirements of their customers.

Why Billing Testing is Important?

When organizations come up with a new application, be it any software with in-built billing features or merely some system meant to provide third-party billing solutions, they are already investing a considerable amount of money, efforts, and resources in launching the same. After all that toil, no organization can afford the product to fail due to glitches or due to customer dissatisfaction due to faulty features or inaccurate processes.

The software testing process for billing solutions can be a complicated task to fulfill, primarily if the test coverage is not determined correctly. There are certain best practices that experts in software testing abide by while conducting a quality assurance procedure to determine the functionality of billing solutions. Unless the maximum test coverage is ensured and all the bugs detected has been fixed, the product should not be launched in the market. When end-users detect glitches in a product, it creates a lot of undesired impressions.  It not only shows how unprofessional the product owner is but also points out that the organization is not as serious about the customer’s satisfaction as they should have been.

Billing Testing Best Practices

Thus, before launching, the following practices of billing testing of the product is an absolute must.

  1. Testing using data that has been stored previously is a great practice. Saved product IDs can be made use of for this process, to avoid anomalies.
  2. After completion of the previous step, then the actual product ID can be used to examine the complete workflow of the functionality of the in-app payment system.
  3. Before conducting the test for functionality, several test accounts must be created by adding the desired email IDs, to the account details of the developer console.
  4. Using a “debug” certificate would not be a great idea. It is rather better to create a signed APK file instead.
  5. The APK file should be uploaded and linked to more than one internal product, and testing for functionality must be done, using the private key.
  6. Testing must be ideally done when all the files are linked and uploaded. This would save much time and would also leave minimal room for errors.
  7. When installing the APK, the actual device must be used, and it must also be ensured that you are at the proper level and version
  8. It must be checked that the Android version code and the name on the APK and the XML file matches
  9. The same signed certificate that was used while the APK was uploaded should be used while installing the app
  10. Finally, a simulation must be carried out, wherein you log on to the test device using the test account, then try to purchase and carry out an actual transaction, to test the entire procedure.

Need for an Experienced QA Expert

In order to ensure all the above procedures are religiously followed, you must consult an expert quality engineer, from an experienced software testing service provider. Since they are already adept in this job, they would perfectly sketch out the test plan, test requirements, and test cases. They would take the perfect measures required to determine the quality of your billing solution and would then create a proper report about what needs to be addressed and how to enhance certain features. Moreover, since they would already be having the required infrastructure such as test labs and tools, you would not need to invest in anything extra and can rest assured that your product is in the right hands for a thorough quality check. Proper testing of a billing product at the right time, would ensure that the product takes lesser time to be launched in the market, and is at its best quality before it gets launched.

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