Video Marketing: Future and Trends 2019

The video marketing sector is currently skyrocketing: in 2018 this technique has found considerable interest in the world of communication. Many companies, in fact, have chosen to take this path by integrating the videos in their marketing plans, with the aim of emerging with respect to the competitors: there is no doubt that it is necessary and essential to be constantly updated on last-minute trends and, above all, to be always one step ahead of the others in order to grab the best success and trust.

Why is the video marketing technique reflected?

Because it is a simple and effective way to reach the public: users like to watch videos, because they are engaging, interesting and more perceptive than a written text.

According to a survey held by Event Report: ” 96% of consumers consider them useful for making purchasing decisions, 73% are more inclined to buy something after seeing a video and 71% thanks to videos make an opinion positive of the product, service or company”.  Videos are important but you have to combine them with an online marketing strategy and many corporate Video Production companies In Dubai working on this technique, find out what the other 25 things your site must have.

Let’s review together the latest developments of 2018

  • FACEBOOK AND LIVE VIDEOS: companies, brands and consumers can use this form of use to better interact with other users.
  • TWITTER AND PERISCOPE: the latter allows you to incorporate direct tweets; in this way users can follow an event in real time.te
  • INSTAGRAM AND THE STORIES: mini-videos or sequences lasting a few seconds each, made live or in the last hours; their particularity is to remain active for 24 hours and then self-cancel. Excellent way to tell specific episodes to customers and sponsor details.

And in 2019? Simple, everything will multiply.


Companies will realize greater video content in live streaming mode to give the feeling of a constant presence and live on the web, presenting themselves to the users as a “friend” of which it is possible to receive updates in real time.

We noted the degree of user preference (with a consequent implicit request) towards live content, undoubtedly due to the versatility offered by social networks, which allow the creation of daily live broadcasts. The brand experience therefore becomes more and more alive, as a result the increasingly popular real-time streaming videos.


For a pleasant enjoyment on mobile devices, the “friendly” live video, or short video, is the perfect format that does not bore users and adapts to the rapid use of content via smartphone. The social networks have equipped themselves to allow the upload of live contents and to make the experience of their use always better and better.


As mentioned above, live streaming is the new trend being consolidated for 2019; in truth the new frontier of digital technologies is the immersion in reality created by video. We are talking about augmented reality, a tool that allows you to experience the brand in a completely innovative situation, offering the user the possibility of seeing a product or a service in the context of its everyday life.

Thanks to the evolution of new technologies, a real ‘dive’ can be made within the company where consumers can experience products, for a 360 ° brand experience. Surely 2018 was nothing but the launching pad for these new digital experiments; the numbers of communication through video marketing are in fact destined to reach very high peaks in 2019.

The video marketing technique is an effective tool for telling stories with the aim of leaving a mark, cultivating relationships, establishing relationships of trust, excite the public and consolidate the brand reputation. Storytelling, the art of storytelling, is an excellent road to success because stories express relevant information, creating pathos and an unforgettable experience. Videos are very important, that’s why you have to start using them in your online strategy but they can’t do miracles.

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